The video of the eight-year-old take his first step will make you cry. Lucas has been a real inspiration, and his hard work and determination have brought hope into many lives. As the old saying goes "hard work always pays", It holds perfect for the eight-year-old Lucas Blackwood. Struggling for eight long years, the boy took his first step that was captured in the video. It takes determination to fight the odds, and the boy did it. He was born prematurely at 34 weeks and was diagnosed with severe case of cerebral palsy at the age of 9 months. Later Diagnosed with quadriplegia, a disease which causes immobility of arms and legs, the boy was then diagnosed with epilepsy.

Despite this, nothing could move the boy's determination to get back to his state. Blackwood had a firm will and had decided that nothing could stop him from taking his steps into the world. After eight long years finally, with the assistance of a walker, Blackwood took his first step towards a new life. When asked, Blackwood's mother could not have been happier. She said,"I have waited for this day for a very long time and working hard on Lucas, just to see him walk into his world, I am speechless." The happiness you feel seeing the eight-year-old walk after years of struggle is inexplicable. Not everyone is so blessed. Everyone who knew Blackwood and saw the struggle had tears in their eyes. The tears of joy that brought a new ray of hope into their beautiful lives. Watching Lucas walk and pave his way for his experiences is a total inspiration for others alike. Lucas has proved the saying "where there is a will there is a way" to be right in every way. We appreciate your efforts, Lucas. The video of Blackwood taking his first step has gone viral on the internet, and people from all around the globe are there to support him.