According to the latest news in Brampton, a 19-year-old woman has died after being hit by a vehicle in Brampton. The woman was reported to have been crossing the road when she was severely beaten by the car causing her severe injuries. The injuries caused excessive blood loss. After fighting for a while, the soul gave up, and she died in the hospital.

After the accident, the emergency crew were called near Highway 410 to Williams Parkway at about 9:45 am on Wednesday. The woman is said to have got life-threatening injuries and was taken to the hospital in a terrible state. She was covered in blood when the police arrived on the spot. She was unconscious and later died in the hospital. The death of the lady has come as a shock to her family Police stated that the driver was not found at the spot and as suspected he was aware that he had hit someone as the vehicle had a damaged front end. The peel constable openly said," we are aware that the driver knows what has happened. We encourage him to contact a lawyer and make arrangements to face the investigators."

The description of the damaged vehicle has not yet been released. The police are looking for the driver and will soon catch him. The police have appealed the witnesses to come up to them and show the dashcam footage if any. The William, as well as the 410 highways, have been shut down while the police go for further investigations. The police will make sure that the victim gets the justice. The driver will soon be caught, and the right punishment will be given for the same. The victims family has been reported, and everyone is in grief.

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