Maple leaf foods, the famous Canadian packaged meat company, is likely to shut down by 2021. According to the latest reports, they are building world-class poultry in Ontario, London. The project is said to cost about 660 million dollars and is supposed to provide about 1500 new jobs including both full time and half-time ones. This announcement was followed by the news of the plants in Brampton, St Mary's, Toronto being shut down shortly. The Brampton and Toronto branches are most likely to be shut down by 2022 while that of St. Mary's by 2021. These plants according to MLF are 50 to 60 years old and lay an excellent infrastructure and footprint constraints, thus limiting the opportunity of it meeting the demands of the market in the modern world.

In an interview with the channel, the president and CEO of the company McCain said, "we regret deeply the impacts that the eventual closure of the companies will have on the lives of the people. The information has been passed well in advance to allowing us to communicate things openly and supporting them in the long-term transition." He further added that the job opportunities would be provided at the new plant which will help them get secure new employment.

Hence the news of the shut down is final, and the work on the new plants is going on. The new plants are to open up soon providing a new world of job opportunities and employment to thousands. The people who might end up in a sad state because of the shutting down also will be getting secure employment. All being said! Shutting down of the plants is not that bad news altogether. People are looking forward to the best outcomes from the new plants. There is quite a hustle on the story, and the Canadian plants are being talked about all over. We will keep you updated, so more details stay connected with us.