Stealing may be a tiny thing for a few, yet theft is considered to be the first step towards the more significant crimes. Hence it is essential to stop it all at once. Large theft cases are reported almost on a daily basis. You get to hear about theft and robbery every day. Banks and cash are the easiest targets for people all around the world. The pickpockets very cleverly get hold of your wallet without even you knowing it. Although petty, it is a crime to steal and goes against the morals and ethics of people and society that we live in.

Recently a report was found in the Burlington stores. An 18-year-old Brampton woman was charged with theft of two purses inside the store premises. The incident took place recently, and people have been warned to take care of the belongings. Police have stated that in such events the young adults are the primary prey as they get distracted easily while shopping.

The protect your purse campaign has been held in parts of Brampton warning the buyers and customers to keep their wallets safe to prevent them from such incidents. Similar incidents have been reported from different parts of the city — the recent one being on the 25th of November.

According to the officials, the 18-year-old was alleged for stealing the purse at a Walmart on 25th of November. Members of public and two of the off-duty officers caught hold of her and helped the police in the arrest. She has been charged for some thefts, and the investigations are still on the go.

The suspect will be righteously taken care of and will be punished for all that she has done to ensure that such incidents do not retake a place in the future. For more updates stay connected with us.